CREATIVTAILOR REVIEWS IS IT LEGIT OR A HOAX! After reading the comprehensive review of this multiproduct online merchant in this article most of your queries will be easily answered regarding the authenticity of the company.

To all the guys out there Would you say that you’re considering revamping your wardrobe? Are you in need of great clothing at an affordable price? If so, Creativtailor is the right place for all of you.

Creativtailor is located in India and offers large-running cotton shirts that come in a variety of colors and designs to satisfy your fashion needs. It also offers the most extreme combinations so that even three or four shirts are not going to harm your pockets. However, prior to making the leap to the website, We would suggest reading this review on Creativtailor Reviews.

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Overview of

Creativtailor was recently launched as an Indian online store that sells men’s clothing. It sells a range of items that are listed below:

  • Long-sleeve button-up top with chest pockets look.
  • Plaid print casual long-sleeve shirt.
  • Fashionable check shirt.
  • Stylish check shirt.
  • Checked button and Stripe shirt
  • Casual business shirts.
  • Long sleeve casual cotton t-shirt.

Many new websites try to collect personal information such as credit card information addresses, addresses, etc. Therefore, before you commit to this site, go through this blog post to answer the question: Is Creativtailor legitimate?

Features of

The men’s shirts are available for purchase ranging from informal to formal.

  • Affordable combos.
  • Payment methods include PayPal credit, debit card, COD.
  • Contact details mentioned: 6d******[email protected]***
  • Privacy policy:
  • Data such as areas, credit card, and debit card numbers, I.P address, and device details are collected.
  • The data is used to make specific ads.
  • Data provided to affiliates and corporate entities.
  • The privacy policies, when updated, will be published.

Shipping policy:

  • The shipping details are sent to the contact number.
  • Orders are shipped within 1-2 working days.
  • Updates regarding the status of the package will be delivered via email.
  • In the event of the order not being shipped, the shipping provider must be contactable.
  • We’ve not come across any Creativtailor reviews regarding the products.
  • Return policy:
  • 15-day replacement and return period for all products.
  • Updates regarding the status of the package will be sent via email.


Positive aspects

  • Designer shirts in a wide range with affordable combinations.
  • High-quality images of the products.
  • The website is secure for data transmission, and also has SSL certification.
  • The site is very well laid out.
  • Different payment options, including COD being the most popular.
  • A well-written return policy and privacy policy.

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Negative highlights

  • There are no customer reviews on any product.
  • The trust rank of the website is one percent, which leads us to ask, Is Creativtailor Legit?
  • The Owner, or any addresses on the website aren’t listed anywhere.
  • The website was created on the 23rd June 2021 date, which is quite recent.
  • There is no responsibility for undeliverable orders.
  • There are some basic mistakes on the homepage including incorrect language.


The site was launched on June 23, 2021. It is very recent and is not reliable. There are, however, additional details that can aid in determining the legitimacy of the site.

Web site functionality The customer service links do not work.

Website reviews: Many websites host negative Creativtailor Reviews. Also, complaints are registered against it

The trust rank: The site’s trust rating is 1%. This is not good and is not reliable.

Security of data: the website is secured, however, it does share data in conjunction with affiliate corporations.

Social media: the website has no social media presence, which puts into question its credibility.

Content design: The home page is okay, but it’s not correct and a different language is being used.

All of these factors aid us in determining that Creativtailor isn’t fully legitimized.

Options that are included with

  • Buy men’s shirts in a range of styles from informal to formal.
  • Affordable combos.
  • Payment methods such as PayPal credit, debit, and COD, bank card.
  • Contact details pointed out: 6d******[email protected]***

“Privacy Policy”

  • Data such as location, charge card, the number of the bank account, I.P address, and device details are collected.
  • The information is used to target advertisements.
  • Data is provided to affiliates and corporate entities.

The privacy policies for online use as it is amended will be released.

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Creativtailor Reviews

The items listed on the site are of good quality and offer a range of choices to look through. There aren’t reviews on the items listed. There are a variety of negative reviews that are online with objections such as the wrong item was received, torn and old items got the requested combination of three shirts, but only two, and so on. While the items are legitimate, they’re not guaranteed to be being communicated. There is no online presence visible, suggesting that it’s a terrible establishment.

In the event of online false representations involving Visas Get advice from this page.

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Last Summary

Creativtailor is another website that has a questionable landing page. It contains reviews of negative experiences with Creativtailor Reviews and complaints on various sites. The subtleties of contact are questionable. Customer care memberships aren’t working. Individual information is sent through their corporate partners and other collaborators. The trust rank is very low.


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