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If you consider yourself a good writer, then write for us, you can write for our services and have an excellent approach to Sports, Technology, Health, Politics, Travel, Food, etc. And if you can easily convey all these pieces of information admirably. Then you should be proud that you have already become a writer. Trendyanswers will display your talent to get an appreciation for you by using your article writing skills.

Write for us

Write for us – Helpful Tips, Politics, Sports, Technology, Automobile, Games, Pets, Health, Lifestyle, Food & Travel, Blockchain, 5G technologies, Bussiness, Cryptocurrency, Tech news

Acceptability of articles

We cherish the value of a writer; that’s why we are willing to show your aptitude globally. The criteria to accept the correspondents of your writing should be easy and understandable. It will always be related to the provided keyword and Site. The extra raw material is strictly prohibited to accommodate in Your writing. It would help if you were careful while inserting the Key word of the Site in your article. At this, a genuine and common writer is distinguished from each other.

The preferable articles you may write

  • Helpful tips and politics
  • Travel
  • Technology And Automobile
  • Pets
  • Food and diet
  • Health and fitness
  • Sports and games
  • Business
  • Entertainment

Direction for guest posting

Trendyanswers.com offers ways to get the most from these opportunities by targeting a specific and natural market in the best and most efficient way. We are thrilled to collaborate with authors and experts with a common passion. Of course, the content should be specific to our field, distinct, and relevant.

The subjects should not have been previously covered in our articles. Thinking of topics based on current issues and matters is a good idea. We welcome suggestions.

The content must contain a minimum of 1000 words and provide an extensive description of the topic.

The editors at our website will meticulously review the content to ensure it’s compatible with the readers’ needs. The final decision to make an article available for publication is entirely at our discretion.

  • Readable and understanding content
  • Content will have no promotional strategies
  • Accurate heading must be used
  • Don’t use auxiliary and abusive wording in the article
  • Link insertion will not be irrelevant

Send your article to our Site Trendyanswers.com editor, and he will be in touch with you to provide further information.

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Word limit: Minimum 1000 words.

Plagiarism: we accept only well SEO optimized plagiarism-free content. We don’t support any plagiarism.

Biography: A brief biographical sketch of the Writer.

Link: And hyperlink that points to your blog, website’s page, or online profile (if there’s one).

Images: Three high-resolution pictures to accompany the text.

If you have any Querry then Email us: trendyanswers@gmail.com