How Many Innings in a College Baseball Game?

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2023)

Understanding the nature of doubleheaders and influential rules such as the 10-run rule, the overall nature, and many other factors will help you to better comprehend how many innings in college baseball games.

Baseball is a game between two teams of nine players. Each inning, the teams are called ‘at bat’. Baseball can be played by all ages, even professional and college teams.

How Many Innings in College Baseball?

A college baseball game usually takes seven innings. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), however, has recently established a standard for official games, which can be extended from seven to nine innings.

However, the number of college baseball innings can change depending on how many innings in college baseball are played on a given day.

A game lasts nine innings. Two games, better known as the doubleheader, take seven innings each.

If a tie happens in the last inning, it could be an extra game (for regular conference matches).

A game can also end early depending on the decisions made regarding the “mercy rule”.

What Determines the Number of innings in a College Baseball game?

College Baseball

There are also several factors that determine how many innings in college baseball games.

These are some of the factors:

Conditions under the Mercy Rule

The mercy rule reduces the game most of the time to meet conference schedule constraints.

Call for Doubleheader

The number of innings will change if there is a decision to go for one or two games.

A doubleheader, which consists of seven innings each game, is usually sufficient.

Further, Managers may opt for additional innings depending on the situation.

Tie in Regulation Games

A regulation game can last up to the seventh or ninth turn.

If the teams draw even after the last inning, managers will need to request extra innings so that neither team scores more than the other.

Call for Suspension

Force majeure-like weather conditions, imposed curfew, and darkness due to the lack of field lights.

More incidents could lead to the manager of the home side team calling for suspension and reducing the number of innings.

Innings in SEC baseball

You should also know that the South-eastern Conference Baseball Tournament (SEC), which is a tournament between college teams, lasts 9 innings.

Innings in college baseball doubleheader

The MLB allows 9 innings for doubleheader games. However, the minor league and college leagues can only play 7 innings. Postseason games are also subject to the 7-inning rule.

A doubleheader means that two teams will face off in a rematch. Both games had 9 innings before 2021. Covid changed the regulation to allow 7 innings, and then it was reversed to 9 when pandemic restrictions became less serious.

Innings in College World Series Games (CWS)

College Baseball

CWS will have the same number of innings as the NCAA’s official rules, which are nine innings.

15 innings was the longest-ever College World Series baseball game. The Virginia Cavaliers and the TCU Horned Frogs were the two teams that made history. They played for approximately 4 hours and 51 minutes.

This rule was not applied on one occasion. Due to heavy rains, LSU’s Alex Box Stadium could not accommodate 9-inning official games. Certain games were shortened to seven innings in the 1991 tournament.

All-Team Dynamic

The innings can be extended or cut by the team’s pitching abilities, levels, and synergy.

Professional skills should reduce the number of innings and their length; rookie skills will prolong them.

What Are the Mercy Rules in College Baseball?

College Baseball

One of the rules that reduce the length of a baseball game is called The Mercy rule. It is used when one team leads by 10 runs or more after the seventh or fifth innings of a nine-inning or seven-inning game.

In this situation, the game can be called, and the winning team is declared the winner without needing to play the last two innings.

These are some common situations where this rule applies to college baseball games.

  • Unexpected disruptions are causing the conference tournament to be cancelled.
  • A Sunday game is planned
  • Practical limitations (such as the Covid pandemic).
  • Travel time is more important for teams, especially when they are visiting.

What is the Longest College Baseball Game?

College Baseball

The 2021 tournament held the record for college baseball’s most inning games. The game between the Sea Gulls of Southern Virginia lasted approximately 6 hours and quarter innings and featured 23 innings. It’s also the longest D3 college baseball game.

The longest college baseball match in Division I Championship history was played between Texas University and Boston College in May 2009. The game lasted 25 innings, and the winner was determined in 7 hours.

A game played between Omaha and Morningside, with 19 innings, holds the DII baseball league record.


Answering the question, “How many innings in college baseball game?” is seven or nine. Each game can take approximately three hours depending on how skilled and dynamic the players are.

According to NCAA regulations, the officially regulated inning is a nine-inning game. The regulated nine-inning may change depending on circumstances, exceptions and interpretations, rules and rules, or other interruptions during inter-conference events.


How many innings in college baseball game?

It can be either seven or nine innings.

How many innings constitute the 1st half of a baseball game?

When you ask about sports betting, the end 5th inning is the first half.

Are there 7 innings of college baseball?

Yes. Doubleheaders make up the 7-inning college game. There will also be times when Mercy Rule will be applied, and the game may be reduced to 7 or 5 innings.

Does College Baseball have Extra Innings?

 In 2021, the NCAA followed the MLB’s lead by establishing the same extra innings format. Each half-inning begins with a runner on second base and no outs. Similar to the MLB, the runner to begin the inning at second base is whoever made the last out batting in the previous inning.

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