What is Chat GPT? What is it used for? – Ultimate Guide

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2023)

Chat GPT is an AI Chatbot developed by Open AI. A chatbot has a language-based model that tailors to human-to-human conversation.

It is a simulated chatbot designed mainly for customer service; and people use it for other purposes as well. This ranges from writing an essay, making a business plan, to generating code. But the question is what is it and what can it do?

If you are new to GPT Chat, this guide is for you, so keep reading.

Those interested in following the latest developments in OpenAI may also be interested in exploring the next-generation GPT-4 large model.

This model is the next iteration of the GPT model developed by OpenAI. What will be offered? According to the AI ​​firm, GPT-4 is a multimodal model.

It will have the ability to generate responses in text form and understand image and video input. – These mentioned features are currently not available in the current GPT-3.5 model, an updated version of GPT-3.

But, this is changing. OpenAI has officially announced an upgrade to GPT Chat. AI firm aim to add GPT-4 infrastructure to AI bots, allowing it to communicate with GP bots using images and videos.

Chat GPT

What is Chat GPT?

It is an AI chatbot automatic generator system developed by OpenAI for online customer service. (NLP) is a pre-programmed creative conversation using natural language processing. Information sources include textbooks, websites, and various articles. This chatbot system provides information and answers questions using AI.

What is Chat GPT used for?

The main feature of Chat GPT is to generate responses that people will give in the text box. Because of this, it’s ideal for chat, AI-powered conversations, and virtual assistants.

However, it can answer questions naturally and create narrative poems, stories and more. In addition:

  • Write the code
  • Write an article or blog
  • Translate
  • Correction or Debug
  • Write a story / poem
  • Suggest chords and lyrics

For the AI ​​to perform any of these requests, you need to type a command to the chatbot.

In recent news, OpenAI has released a new Chat GPT plugin feature to enhance current chatbot capabilities. ChatGPT will be bigger and better than ever, with the ability to take knowledge and features from many third-party applications.

A set of initial plugins has been launched, including popular platforms such as Expedia, Klarna, Slack, Wolfram, OpenTable, Shopify and others.

What is Chat GPT Pro?

Chat GPT Pro is OpenAI’s subscription plan for Chat GPT. This service is shown to cost around $42 per month. Surprisingly, since the first report was released at the beginning of the year, the professional plan has not been introduced.

However, OpenAI recently launched a subscription service, but with a different name – Chat GPT Plus. This plan offers exclusive benefits to users including priority access and faster response times. At just $20 per month, this option is significantly cheaper than Pro.

What is Chat GPT trained on?

It relies on NLP (Natural Language Processing). A great tool for researchers and developers working on various NLP projects, it has a wide range of tasks, domains and applications to work with.

It is prepared well in both biased and unbiased information in text form from books, articles and websites. Chat GPT can improve data throughput and reliability—important for multi-sensor applications and other high-value systems. However, it is still prone to errors and biases and depends on the training data provided in 2021.

As humans, we interact more with AI-powered devices, and Chat GPT is a revolution in the AI ​​industry. A powerful and particularly advanced model with deep learning and NLP capabilities. As a result, it can generate responses that are human-like and easy for users to understand.

What is Chat GPT coded in?

GPT Chat is built on the GPT-3 language model developed by OpenAI. Although the source code of GPT-3 is not provided, a post on the StackExchange site indicates that GPT-3 is written “in the same model and architecture as GPT-2.” The article says “GPT-2 source code is 100% Python”.

If the program itself can code in Pythos C ++ and JavaScript, if asked to create one.

What is Chat GPT 4?

No Chat GPT 4. The current program offered by OpenAI is based on what is called the “GPT 3.5 language model”. In other words, GPT-3.5 acts as the brain of a popular chatbot.

In recent news, OpenAI has released a new multimodal model, GPT-4. This new model will be implemented in GPT Chat soon. It will allow users to provide images and videos to the bot to generate text responses.

So, Chat will not be GPT 4, but will be an updated version of GPT Chat that uses GPT-4 infrastructure.

Registration for Chat GPT

To register for Chat GPT, you can use one of your existing email and mobile numbers and follow these steps to register. If you need continuous, consistent access, there are professional plans in the pricing options.

Below are the steps:

  • Go to the login page in your browser.
  • Create an AI account, click on signup and enter your email id; for example, if you have a Gmail account and then click on Google, it will automatically log you into your Google account.
  • Then click continue and it will ask you to verify your mobile phone.
  • You will then receive a code on your mobile phone and you may be charged for receiving the code.
  • Go to SMS activation. Register and than login.
  • In the upper right corner, under the balance, select the top balance option to recharge.
  • Finally scroll down, you have a few options. Click to charge.
  • After charging, go back to the main page and search for Purchase Services in the search box.
  • Click the shopping cart button. Your country code mobile number is mentioned.
  • Copy that mobile number and enter it in Chat GPT mobile number verification section. Send the code via SMS.
  • You will receive a code This is your verification code. Enter this code in the Open AI box to complete the process.
  • Choose the main reason for your account. For example, I use it to learn features.
    If it fails, change the mobile number of another country and try again.

Can I use Chat GPT on my phone?

Yes, you can use Chat GPT on your phone. There is nothing stopping you from doing this, as the mobile web version of the application will allow you to perform the same actions as a desktop browser.

Of course, you need a phone number for Chat GPT if you want to log in. The ability to use it on a smartphone makes mobile use easier – as long as it’s connected.

Is there Chat GPT for Android?

There is no official Chat GPT app from Open AI, and there is no indication that there will be. There is a Chat GPT app on the Play Store, but it’s not from this company.

The important thing is that Chat GPT uses the GPT-3 model, which can only be accessed through the OpenAI Chat GPT page. But even though OpenAI doesn’t have an Android (or iPhone) app, you can access Chat GPT on your mobile device by visiting the same URL.

What is Chat GPT good for?

Chat GPT is very good at producing text that sounds like human speech. This is useful if you need a post for a website or social media page, but don’t have time to write it yourself. It can also generate code – useful if you don’t have time to write it yourself.

Talking about GPT is also good just for fun. Ask them for comedy or relationship advice. Just don’t take it seriously.

Final Thoughts

GPT Chat has been popular since its launch and is set to revolutionize the tech world. All you have to do is visit the OpenAI website and use your browser to check it out for free.

There is no special app to use and you can use it on both desktop and mobile websites. You just need to open an account and use it for what you need. Whether it is personal development, extended studies or something else. There are other alternatives, but Chat GPT is popular for now!

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