What Does The Stork Balance Stand Test? Ultimate Guide

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2023)

What Does The Stork Balance Stand Test? The test balance stork is a great balance test that can be an essential ability for athletes in various sports.

Coaches and athletes frequently utilize test methods to determine static balance. Balance for many athletes is crucial, yet it’s not often considered when designing training plans.

A sport that requires athletes to run or jump typically requires good balance, which is required due to the athlete’s agility and ability to move in a different direction and change direction quickly and effortlessly.

The Stork Balance Stand Test

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What Does The Stork Balance Stand Test?

The purpose of testing is to enhance the performance of athletes while minimizing the chance of injury while playing on the field.

This test is intended to gather data that helps evaluate athletes’ performances and make decisions that impact the athletes. Standing stork tests measures the development of athletes’ capacity to maintain equilibrium in a static posture.

The test measures how balanced athletes areas. The more stability you possess as an athlete, the better you will be on the field and the fewer injuries you’re likely to suffer.

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How Do You Do The Stork Balance Stand Test?

You’ll require non-slip and flat flooring, such as a gym, to conduct the test. You will also require a device to keep track of the results, such as your phone or using a pencil and paper. You will also require a stopwatch, and someone can track the time.

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It is suggested that athletes rest for approximately 10 minutes before beginning the test. Following warming up, a participant begins by taking off his shoes, sitting on his feet, and resting his hands on his hips.

Lift the right leg, and place the feet of the right leg on your left leg’s knee or foot sole that is not standing against the inner side of the leg which is standing.

For balanced and stable stability, an athlete needs to lift his heel off the floor to be balanced on the sole of his foot. When the heel has landed on the floor, the athlete begins the stopwatch or could have a coach or assistant do it for the athlete.

The stopwatch monitors the athlete’s activity and must be stopped once the foot touches the ground.

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When To Repeat The Stork Stand Test?

The test is typically simple and efficient on the first test, but some aspects require repeating the test. While performing the test, holding your hands at your hips is crucial.

If your hands fall off your hips at any point or your foot begins to twist in any direction, then the exercise must be interrupted and repeated. If your foot that is not supporting cannot contact your knees, the testing must be stopped, too.

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What Is A Positive Test?

After the test is completed, the results are recorded with an eraser on paper and then compared to the results from previous tests. The data to be recorded must be based on the top three attempts. They can be compared with the results from previous tests.

Twist will allow you to track an athlete’s progress as it is anticipated that with the appropriate exercises between assessments, there will be an improvement in the evaluation. This kind of test is best suited for active people but is not contraindicated.


What is the need for the Stork balance stand test?

The balance test requires the test subjects to stand on their feet to the maximum length they can. Similarly, the Flamingo Balance Test is different because it requires the test subject to balance on a table.

The objective is to evaluate the entire body’s balance capacity.

Equipment needed: flat, non-slip surface stopwatch, paper, and pencil.

Test preparation:

  1. Explain the test procedures to the person who is taking the test.
  2. Screen for health risks and seek informed consent.
  3. Fill out forms and document the most basic details like age, height, weight, gender, and test conditions.
  4. Make sure you warm up properly.
  5. Learn more about test procedures before testing.

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What’s the process of Stork the Balance Stand Test?

• Place your feet on the floor. Hold your hands on your hips.

• Then raise your right leg and then place the sole of your right foot on the part of your knee cap.

• Bring your heel up off the floor until you sit on your foot.

• Your assistant should begin counting when your heel touches the floor. Stop the timer as you reach the floor.

• Relax for a couple of minutes, then do the same exercise using the left foot.

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Stork Balance stand Test Results Table

RatingScore (seconds)
Excellent> 50
Good40 – 50
Average25- 39
Fair10 – 24
Poor< 10

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Reliability Of The Stork Balance Stand Test

The validity of a test is contingent on the rigor of the test and how motivated the person is to take the test.

The stork test is a way to determine athletes’ strength, conditioning, and techniques. It is a proven method so long as it is performed regularly. The more focused the athlete is, the more trustworthy and reliable your results are, and the reverse is also true.

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