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Hello, fellow readers! We have a discussion about a digital site Aneshri that offers stylish clothing for ladies, men-children, and a variety of other things.

We have a modern entrance that provides a wide range of things for every occasion in India. We will inform you about the website Aneshri Reviews, what individuals review about it, and their experiences.

About Aneshri

Aneshri can be described as an excellent online shopping destination that is a great place to explore different male and female clothes collections. It also has specific collections for kids to browse.

In addition, it offers numerous skincare product bags, watches, and wallets, among others. They are designed within mind the budget of everyday people.

The store has a reputable customer support service available in the store, and you should not miss it.

The skincare regimen that is offered through has been proven to be safe, and suitable for long-term use.

We recommend that you verify the information provided by this retailer before you purchase it every time.

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Details of Aneshri Store

  • Aneshri online entry, and a variety of other things are recorded for sale to gain.
  • The official website address of this remarkable space is
  • The store is located in Jharkhand, India.
  • For all inquiries and complaints drop a mail to 29******004@3***
  • Your request will be communicated within 5-10 days of purchase.
  • Contact the customer service department for all concerns related to the discount and trade.
  • The number of the store’s authority contact is not disclosed by the store’s authorities.
  • It has no active media sites on the web to look at.


The type of portal: it’s a website that offers numerous services.

“Address: 24, Namkum Bazar Tand, Tata Road, National Highway 33, Namkum, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India 834010.”


Email Address: 29******004@3***

The contact Number is not recognized.

Replacing: Aneshri Reviews confirm when the tactic is not working or a problem occurs. the replacement policy for the product is frequently found.

Order Cancellation: You’re ready to cancel an order in 24 hours, and you will be charged charges for cancellation within the site.

Shipping Policy for Delivery: delivery period is 5-10 working days after shipping.

Return Policy: You can return the item within 10 days of locating the item.

Exchange: It’s possible, as well as the product, must be in its original condition.

Refund: This hospitable reimbursement will be made within seven working days, in accordance with the initial type of payment.

Payment Methods

  • American stock market
  • RuPay
  • Master Card
  • Freecharge
  • Visa Card, etc.

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Positive Features

  • The products available for purchase at Aneshri’s store Aneshri store are tested for quality and tested and approved.
  • You can ask for repayment within 14 days of purchase.
  • The most popular collections are listed for all ages.
  • The content on the website’s official site is 100% original.
  • Aneshri currently offers incredible deals on bulk purchases.
  • Very low shipping costs asked by the retailer
  • The Trust score for Aneshri. on their website is 60%.

Limitations of the Store

  • The social media sites that are related to the Aneshri store are active.
  • The original website is two months old.
  • There aren’t any customer reviews on the official site
  • The store does not have the most famous brands on its website.
  • The delivery service provided through Aneshri retailer is delayed.
  • The identity of the owner of the website is unknown and is not revealed.

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Is Aneshri Legit?

To verify the authenticity of the area We’ll review a few aspects. Before we begin, let’s review some of the following.

Domain Age The film was released on 17th May 2021.

Address Information: It is located on the 24th floor of Namkum Bazar Tand, Tata Road, National Highway 33, Namkum, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Contact Number Not acknowledged.

Email Id: 29******004@3***

A Trust Score of 60%. median of 60 percent.

Copyright of Content: The knowledge is exclusive.

The Duplicate Website: Nothing can beat the exact same site that was found.

Reviews: There’s there are no reviews on the site.

The Social Media Channels Websites have the look of social media sites however, after visiting the website, it redirects you to a separate website.

Thus, there are no suitable Aneshri Reviews available. In the context of the info mentioned above, the website viewing is suspect.

Customer Reviews

Before buying, customers should be sure to review all the information related to web-based shopping. This site isn’t well-taught and it doesn’t include the required information required by an authentic site.

This means that the site’s existence on the internet is in doubt.

The website has an average trust score and is therefore tied to the authenticity of the website.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any reviews of women’s put on or other products available from the company.

Final Verdict

The site offers a fair decision-making platform for Indians Before buying the product, buyers should trust Aneshri Review and provide the necessary information to be protected from PayPal fraud.

We advise buyers to find out more details prior to starting a suggestion.