Are Apple Watches Waterproof? The Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2023)

Apple Watches no-doubt have become very popular around the world for all ages, due to it’s wide range of functionalities to users. But there is a question that comes to everyone’s mind, “Are Apple Watches waterproof?” In this article, we will share the complete water resistance features of Apple Watches, know their capabilities, and also discuss their limitations. So, if you’re using Apple watch and loves to swim or engage in activities in some water wearing your Apple smartwatch, keep reading to find out more!

Are Apple Watches Waterproof

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Understanding Water Resistance Ratings

To comprehend the water-resistant capabilities of Apple Watches, it’s essential to understand the water resistance ratings used in the industry. Apple Watch models are typically rated based on the IP (Ingress Protection) system or ATM (atmosphere) ratings. These ratings indicate the device’s ability to withstand exposure to water and dust.

IP Ratings

The IP rating consists of two digits: the first denotes solid particle protection, while the second indicates liquid ingress protection. For example, an IP68 rating signifies excellent protection against dust (6) and the ability to withstand immersion in water beyond 1 meter (8).

ATM Ratings

ATM ratings are commonly used to determine the water resistance of watches. Each ATM unit is equivalent to 10 meters of water pressure. For instance, 5ATM means the watch can withstand pressures equivalent to 50 meters of water depth.

Apple Watch Water Resistance Levels

Now, let’s explore the water resistance levels of various Apple Watch models:

Apple Watch Series 1 to Series 3

The early Apple Watch models, such as Series 1 to Series 3, have a water resistance rating of IPX7. This means they can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for around 30 minutes. While these models offer basic water protection, they are not suitable for swimming or water sports.

Apple Watch Series 4 and Later

From Apple Watch Series 4 and onwards, significant improvements in water resistance were introduced. These models boast a water resistance rating of 5ATM (50 meters) and are suitable for swimming and water-based activities.

Activities You Can Safely Do with Your Apple Watch

Given the water resistance capabilities of the newer Apple Watch models, there are various activities you can safely engage in:


You can wear your Apple Watch while swimming in pools or open water. The watch can handle splashes, laps, and even shallow dives.


The water resistance allows you to keep your Apple Watch on while taking a shower without any worries.

Water Sports

Activities like surfing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling can be enjoyed with your Apple Watch, but remember its limitations.

Taking Precautions with Your Apple Watch

While Apple Watches offer excellent water resistance, it’s essential to take precautions to maintain their longevity:

Avoid High-Speed Water Activities

While the watch can handle swimming and shallow dives, it’s not suitable for activities like water skiing or jet skiing, where high-speed water impact can occur.

Rinse After Swimming in Saltwater

If you’ve been swimming in saltwater, rinse your Apple Watch with freshwater afterward to remove any salt or impurities.


The newer models of Apple Watches provide excellent protection for various water-related activities, making them a great companion for water enthusiasts. However, it’s crucial to remember the limitations and avoid subjecting the watch to extreme water pressures. With the right care, your Apple Watch will be a reliable and functional companion for your adventures, both on land and in water.

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  1. Can I wear my Apple Watch while snorkeling? While your Apple Watch is water-resistant and suitable for swimming, it is not recommended for extended periods of snorkeling due to the pressure and depth involved.
  2. Can I wear my Apple Watch while scuba diving? No, Apple Watches are not designed for scuba diving, as the water pressure at deeper depths can exceed their water resistance capabilities.
  3. Can I use my Apple Watch in hot tubs or saunas? It is not recommended to expose your Apple Watch to such high temperatures in hot tubs or saunas, as it may affect the watch seals and water resistance capability.
  4. Can I wear my Apple Watch while surfing? Yes, you can wear your Apple Watch while surfing, but it’s best to avoid taking heavy impacts on the watch during the activity.
  5. How should I clean my Apple Watch after swimming? Rinse your Apple Watch with freshwater and dry it gently with a soft cloth after swimming to remove any residues and maintain its water resistance.