How do I fix U-Verse Not Being Available at the Moment? Ultimate Guide

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2023)

How do I fix U-Verse? AT&T was required to up its game in line with the highest standards of competition on the market. This includes the providers that provide TV services that you can sign up for in a standalone subscription or in conjunction with an existing package you may already have for all your household needs, such as a phone and internet you can purchase from AT&T.


The TV service is known by the name AT&T U-Verse and has an equal amount of the most basic features that you would want to stream TV. 

If you’re encountering issues with U-verse, such as it not being yet available you don’t have anything to worry about, since it is fixable fairly easily.

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What is the Reason Why my ATT U-Verse Still not Working?

A lot of receiver issues can be resolved by restarting the receiver. To accomplish this simply Press and hold for 10 seconds the Power button. 

It will take between 5-8 minutes, and could affect any DVR recordings that are in process. When you own multiple devices, you can reboot your gateway wirelessly by disconnecting it from the power source.

U-verse is Not Available at This Time

1.) Perform a Complete Reboot

an entire restart of the U-verse server. There are a variety of components to consider and you’ll the first thing you should do to get the issue resolved permanently is to conduct a need to be sure you have figured everything out properly. 

In order to perform a complete reboot on your U-verse, you’ll need to disconnect your Gateway cable and reconnect it to your DVR.

There may also be additional components that are connected to the DVR box like the WAP wireless receivers that are connected to the DVR. Be sure to disconnect all of the components. You must now take out the power plug, too.

After unplugging all wires and connections from your DVR box leave it for 15 to 30 minutes. This will ensure you’re getting a complete reboot. 

Then, connect all connections the way they were prior to the reboot and the DVR will restore to its default settings, and you will be able to use U-Verse with no worries about any errors whatsoever.

2) Verify Your Cables and Connectors

Another thing you must be aware of is that these connectors and cables could become worn out or corrode over time and could result in issues too. 

When you remove the DVR’s connections from the box, you’ll need to examine all connectors with care and ensure that none of them is damaged or have any kind of corrosion.

You will now need to repair them properly and ensure you’re making sure you tying them securely and are not letting anything fall go loose. Also, you must make sure the cable isn’t damaged or has an abrupt bend at any point which could result in an interruption to the service.

3) Contact AT&T

There are other issues that could be affecting your account, intermittent issues on their server, or other things similar to that.

It is best to reach out to support because they’ll be able to identify the problem, whether it’s hardware or software, and offer an appropriate solution, allowing you to use the benefits of your AT&T U-Verse service again without any issues whatsoever.

What is the Button to Reset an ATT Router?

Gateway reset

  1. Find the Reset button on the reverse of the gateway. It’s just next to the input for power.
  2. Hold this button for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  3. When you have released the button, hold it until the device restarts and every status light on the gateway is illuminated.

Do I Know How to Set my Uverse Router at ATT 5268ac?

Reset your gateway

  1. Hold the button for a minimum of 10 minutes. If you release it after 10 seconds the gateway will go through a reboot however it will not reset.
  2. Make sure that the gateway is restarted and all status lights are illuminated.
  3. Check if the Broadband or Status lights for Service are green.

What Light Should be Displayed on the Modem of ATT Uverse

Find out what the meaning is behind the status lights on your Wi-Fi gateway

Status LightStateDescription
PowerOffThe unit is not equipped with AC power.
Solid GreenThe device is turned on. 
Flashing GreenTest Power-On Self-Test (POST) is currently in progress. 
Flashing RedPOST failed (not bootable) (or device failure) has occurred. 
a modem of ATT Uverse

Incorrect routers and interference could cause problems with Wi-Fi connectivity, and reduce speeds on your internet. Unresponsive Internet connectivity can prove annoying. ROUTERS: If your router hasn’t changed your router for some time, it may be the cause of lags and long loading times.