Is Sprite Cranberry Even Available In The US?

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2023)

Is Sprite Cranberry even available?

Sprite Cranberry was a Sprite flavor that was released uniquely for a short period in the United States during the winter season from 2013 until 2018. In 2019, the flavor was changed and reformulated and was renamed “Sprite Winter Spiced” Cranberry from that point onwards.

Sprite Cranberry


Sprite Cranberry, As the name suggests, was a Cranberry taste from Sprite, which was as was its predecessor, Sprite Christmas Spiced Cranberry. Its color is transparent.


The flavor was hugely successful, reaching the status of a famous internet meme in 2018 and beyond.

In 2019, following the re-launch of Sprite Spiced Cranberry, which was reformulated in the year of Sprite Spiced Cranberry, it received a lot of criticism from people who liked that initial Sprite Cranberry flavor, even being pushed to the limit to return to the original.


In addition to the Sprite winter Spiced Cranberry having an annual release every day for many years within the United States, there’s no official release from the international market of Sprite’sSprite’s original Sprite Cranberry during recent years or a re-release of the first Sprite Cranberry.

Can you purchase the cranberry Sprite? 

Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry 12 fl. oz 12 Pack. Made with only all-natural flavors. Sprite is an effervescent soda that has a fresh and crisp lemon-lime flavor.

What is the time frame? Sprite the cranberry be on sale? 

Coca-Cola recently announced plans to launch two new items in the winter and fall seasons. Coke Cinnamon and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry will be sold across the country from September 30 until December 31.


What exactly does it mean when someone asks you if you are interested in a Sprite Cranberry?

As per Know Your Meme, this version from the Sprite Cranberry meme has nothing to do with the holiday drink. Still, instead, it refers to victims who are unaware of a YouTube video called How to express Your Animal’s anal Glands At Home veterinarian-recommended Way (GRAPHIC), which has more than 7.4 million views.

Does Cranberry Sprite taste delicious?

Sprite Cranberry is among the most delicious drinks I’ve consumed over the past few years. It’s flavorful and delicious. The gorgeous combination of the citrus-lime flavors of SpriteSprite and the slightly sweet taste and bitterness of cranberry is simply unique.

What’s the flavor of the winter spiced cranberry Sprite?

Spiced cranberry has a resemblance to the cranberry sauce that is served during Thanksgiving with cinnamon, allspice and ginger, and cloves. The flavor combination appears to be an ideal match for the lemon-lime taste of SpriteSprite.

Do you know the difference between Sprite cranberry and the winter spiced cranberry?

Cranberry Sprite is not a new flavor, but its “winter spice” gives it an ambiance of Christmas. The winter-flavored cranberry imparts an overall fruity flavor that takes away the bite you typically get from lemon-lime-flavored soda.

Date when do you think cranberry Sprite will come out?

Many meals and drinks are associated with the Christmas season and Thanksgiving. Sprite was added to this list by introducing Sprite Cranberry in 2013 during the festive season. Sprite has a name that combines lemon-lime and cranberry soda. It was received with great acclaim by many throughout its time.

Do you have the ability to purchase SpriteSprite cranberry in the UK?

Sprite Cranberry 12 x 355ML Cans (Lemon-Lime & Cranberry Flavoured Soda) : Grocery.

Does Sprite Cranberry come in cans?

When SpriteSprite made its debut, It amazingly merged two unique flavors into a delicious lemon-lime-flavored soda. This made it the drink to be admired for citrus drinks.

Is SpriteSprite a real thing?

Like the rest of winter’s offerings, SpriteSprite gives us its seasonal refreshment drink: Cranberry Sprite. This beverage is bursting with cranberry flavor! The soda blends lemon-lime and cranberry flavors, making it ideal for the fall season!

Does Kroger stock Sprite Cranberry?

Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry Soda, 2 L – Kroger.

Is Sprite Cranberry in Australia?

To our dismay, the prevalent holiday flavor of SpriteSprite, which is cranberry-flavored, isn’t readily available in Australia! This means that Australians are left out while other nations are savoring their drinks during the most thirsty season!

Is Sprite Cranberry caffeine-free?

“Over the years, our fans have increasingly demanded Sprite with cranberry flavor, and we’re excited to give it to them with the crisp, clear, caffeine-free, naturally flavored taste they already love about Sprite.”

Who invented Sprite Cranberry?

The Coca-Cola Co. introduced a new Sprite flavor 8 years. It was designed with Christmas in the back of your mind. Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Cranberry Zero carbonated soft drinks are on sale for a short period until the beginning of the year.

What made Sprite Cranberry become a meme?

In the last quarter of 2018, Sprite Cranberry evolved into a trend due to the commercial featuring Lebron James when he asked, “Wanna Sprite Cranberry?” 

What is cranberry sprite?

Sprite Cranberry is a lemon-lime and cranberry-flavored variant of SpriteSprite. It was launched in 2013 as a unique edition flavor during Christmas, along with Sprite Cranberry Zero, to challenge PepsiCo’s Mist Twist Cranberry Splash. It is available only during the holidays.

What’s Spritecranberry Com?

A new Internet prank similar to rickroll is being played on the Internet. Users spread the URL, which leads to the videos on YouTube. It is recommended that you download an unrestricted Cranberry Sprite on The USA manufactured this drink in 2013.

Do people enjoy Sprite Cranberry?

It’s like cranberry in taste. It’s delicious. Its flavor shouldn’t be overwhelming; it’s supposed to hint at the cranberry and not be a taste of the juice of cranberries. At the same time, it is similar to regular SpriteSprite because its sprite taste is legendary and delicious.

What is what’s the main difference between SpriteSprite as well as 7UP?

Sprite uses sodium citrate as its ingredient Sprite uses sodium citrate in its formula, whereas 7UP utilizes potassium citrate. But in terms of taste, it isn’t always transparent. The market today has much more lemon-lime sodas and soft drinks than SpriteSprite and 7UP, including Sierra Mist and Sun Drop.

What is SpriteSprite, the taste of cranberry?

It’s like a fruit punch mixed with tonic water which is as similar to the taste of “cranberry” as artificial flavors.

Is Sprite Zero Cranberry an annual event?

Only available for a brief period for the entire holiday season, the Coca-Cola Co. Both new brands feature the refreshing flavor of the classic SpriteSprite and add the tart and sweet cranberry flavors.

Is cinnamon Coke still available?

It will take longer for the bottles to. However, the new beverage won’t be available in the United States until January 2021 unless you’re a member of the Coca-Cola Insider Club. Club members will be given an exclusive drink taste before it goes on sale next year.