How To Promote Affiliate Links – 5 Proven Methods

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2023)

Affiliate links marketing is one of the unique ways to start working online. I am writing this article to help you with new smart tactics to get more traffic and conversions with affiliate links and marketing.

These proven methods have helped me to promote more than 15 affiliate programs and build another stream of income online. Here are some examples:

Affiliate marketing

1- Starter Toolkit with Affiliate links

The Starter Toolkit is a PDF file that lists all the tools and resources to accomplish specific tasks.

For example: if you want to create a WordPress website, you will need a list of services and tools to do so, such as hosting services, plugins to install, basic configuration checklists, and so on.

So you create a Starter Toolkit! You will add all tools and services with affiliate links. And it is done!

How to Create a Starter Toolkit?

1. Choose a topic.

2. Collect tools and services.

3. Create a PDF guide using Canva or Powerpoint.

4. Add your affiliate links.

? Tip: Use a shortlink service (e.g. Bitly, or Rebrandly) to track clicks

2 – Freelance Services with Affiliate links

The idea is quite simple; you can double your income by selling the service and the affiliate program at the same time.


Let’s say you provide a service where you set up a WordPress website for your clients.

A WordPress website requires hosting and a domain and some plugins.

You can get your client to buy them through your links.

? Tip: Add a Requirements section with links in the main service query.

3 – Done For You Templates with Affiliate links

This time you create a template using software that allows you to share the template through your affiliate links.

Example 1: Clickfunnels

You can create sales funnels, squeeze pages, and click funnel templates and use the share feature to share them through your affiliate link, so when someone wants to use your template, they sign up with your link.

Example 2: is one of the best clickfunnels alternatives that are much cheaper. You can also create sales funnels and templates and share them with anyone via your affiliate link.

? Tip 1: Publish your templates on Pinterest, it can help you increase your traffic through organic searches on Pinterest.

? Tip 2: Combine with strategy #1 and add these templates to your starter toolkits.

4 – Codecanyon Scripts & Documentations

This Tactic is somewhat advanced, but worth mentioning.

Let’s say you publish or sell scripts and templates on codecanyon. Don’t forget to recommend a hosting service with your affiliate links.

? Tip : Add a section to your script documentation where you also share your recommended hosting.

5 – Tools and Advisors with Affiliate links

This is my best Tactic and I recommend it the most!

You create a quiz or product advisor where people answer some questions and you recommend the best product based on their input.

Example: Hosting Advisor: People can know the best hosting services by answering a few questions.

How To Create an Affiliate Product Advisor Tool?

There are plenty of free and paid software consultants out there. I’ve tried a few, including the Thrive Quiz Plugin, My Theme Shop Quiz Plugin, and Opinionstage. I am currently using Opinionstage. You can test it for free!

Create Tools

Another approach is to create a simple tool where people search for something and the tool will recommend results related to affiliate products.

For example, I created a tool called Fast Domainer where people can search for available domain names and all suggestions will be affiliate links.

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