My Recording List is Not on U Verse? How to fix?

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2023)

U Verse : Try these easy suggestions: Restart your U-verse television receiver (DVR) by pressing the power button for 10 seconds, and then press it once more to restart. (This can take 5-8 minutes and affects any DVR recordings in the process.) Use the record button of your remote in case the recorded show is not working or has gone missing.

U Verse

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Are you having trouble with your video from U Verse?

Try these simple tips:

Start your U-verse television receiver (DVR) by pressing the power button for five seconds and then pressing it once more to restart. (This can take 5-8 minutes and will affect any DVR recordings in the process.)

Click on the button for Recorded Television button from your remote if the recorded show is not working or is absent.


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How do we solve problems with recorded TV?

Remote assistance for controlling through using Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool

Press the Menu button on the remote control for your U verse TV.

Utilize the Arrow keys to scroll down until Help and then click “OK.”.

Go to the Information and then press “OK.”

Select the right side of the screen and then Troubleshoot and Resolve.

Choose Television from the menu at the top.

Select the DVR option, then follow the instructions.

Simple Fix for “Recordings Unavailable” Message

Before you attempt the steps listed below and you could lose the entire recording, do this first. It could help you avoid endless hours of frustration.

I have four TVs that are all equipped with AT&T U-verse Cisco DVR Receiver boxes hooked up. One of my Cisco DVR receiver boxes became improperly disconnected, which caused all of my televisions’ Cisco Receivers to cease to display DVR recordings.

What’s the reason? Make sure you check all the receivers and ensure that the “Link” green light in the front of the receiver is on. I hope this will help anyone else, and let me know.

I spent three hours trying to find out the cause of this issue. Why does AT&T U-Verse’s Troubleshooting Guide even mention this? If this is it’s not so, then continue reading.

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There are various stages of resets to the DVR:

1.) Soft Reboot (non-destructive) Press the power button for 10 seconds and allow it to reboot.

2.) Hard Reboot (non-destructive) Disconnect your power supply for about 30 minutes, connect it again and let it restart.

3.) The non-destructive method of disaster recovery (non-destructive) Plug in your power supply for 30 minutes and reconnect it. If the three dots on the screen turn grey after that, unplug the power cord. Repeat the process three times more.

On the fourth time you power upkeep, it connected. The process should not erase any recordings. Instead, it will rebuild or validate the structure of your disk.

This could fix formatting issues that are affecting your disk and restore your recordings. It can take a lengthy time. When I last tried it, I would say it took about 30 minutes to finish.

4.) The Full disaster recovery (destructive, i.e., deletes all data on the DVR) involves pressing the buttons as you plug it into. I’m not certain exactly what it is; however, this is the last step you take before making a request for a replacement.

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Why does my U Verse record freeze?

Examine the connections between the back of the U-Verse receiver and your TV. Connections that are loose can cause disruption to service and even freeze the TV’s display.

Verify the connections of the television’s coaxial cable to the connector at the back of the receiver and the audio-visual connection between your television and receiver.

What is the significance of restarting the receiver on the U Verse?

Many issues with receivers can be resolved by restarting the receiver. To accomplish this, hold and press the power button for at least 10 seconds. This can assume between 5 and 10 minutes. It can affect any DVR recordings currently in progress.

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How can I end recording with ATT U Verse?

  1. Press the RECORDED TV button located on your remote.
  2. Click the right arrow, and you will be taken to open the Series menu.
  3. Scroll down until you reach the show you want to end, and then select OK.
  4. Select the Cancel series, then press OK.
  5. Click “OK” and then Cancel the series.

How can I end a series of recordings?

  1. To end a planned series recording, use the RECORDINGS menu, and select the button RECORDED television on the remote.
  2. Utilize the RIGHT ARROW button to select SERIES for a list of series that have been scheduled for recording.
  3. Utilize the up or DOWN ARROWS to browse through the list, and then select the one you’d like to end.
  4. Make sure to press OK before choosing and then launch the SERIES INFORMATION SCREEN.
  5. Select CANCEL SERIES, then select OK.
  6. Click OK again to confirm that you are ready to stop the program.

Does ATT have a TV? has DVR?

AT Watch TV doesn’t offer a cloud-based DVR, unlike other streaming platforms. You’ll have to take advantage of its on-demand offerings or stream the show you’re watching live.

Does it record AT watching TV?

There is no cloud-based DVR that is available AT Watch TV, so there is no option to record your favorite shows to watch later.

Record and stream shows using cloud DVR

Record a show or a series

Are you looking to record a show or movie for later viewing? You can:

  • Record using the guide, the browsing carousel, and an electronic device.
  • Plan an upcoming recording today. It won’t be available on your playlist until you’ve finished recording.
  • Record a recording on any device, and then watch it later on.
  • Record several shows simultaneously until you’ve exhausted all of your storage time.
  • You can store titles for at least 90 days using DIRECTV streaming. You’ll receive an alert 7 days before when a title expires.

For TV show recordings:

  • Customers who have 20 hours of cloud DVR storage are permitted a maximum of 10 episodes of each TV series.
  • Customers who have Unlimited cloud DVR can watch a maximum of 30 episodes of each TV series.
  • When the maximum limit for an episode is reached, the most recent episodes will delete the first time (within 90 days or less) to allow the next episode to be recorded.

Titles on air right now

From DIRECTV, the STREAM device

While watching a TV show or in the guide:

Click on the Overflow button (…) to your DIRECTV STEAM remote to capture.

Choose the OK button to record only once and Make a Recording Series.

When the recording is complete, and the recording is completed, the name can be added to your DVR Playlist. Click “LIST” to view.

How can you watch live on AT?

View shows

  1. Log into Your AT TV.
  2. On the main screen, choose the Discover tab.
  3. Scroll down or use the arrows to browse the available applications.
  4. Select a show and view the description, duration, episodes, and other information.
  5. Choose Play to play right now. Are you ready to start watching?

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